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Ajrakh Silk Saree

Ajrakh Silk Saree

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Crafted using the traditional method of hand block printing using 100% natural dye 

6.5 M With blouse 

prebooking orders only 

premium quality 

Ajrakh Craft, rooted in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India, is a heritage-rich textile tradition celebrated for its intricate hand block printing and 100% natural dyes. Derived from "Azrak," meaning blue, the craft boasts a stunning range of colors and symmetrical patterns. Artisans meticulously carve wooden blocks to create detailed designs. This labor-intensive process involves multiple dyeing and resist printing stages, often taking weeks per piece. Ajrakh fabrics epitomize nature, spirituality, and the profound cultural legacy of the region. Beyond textiles, they are a testament to the fusion of tradition and sustainability, crafting pieces that are both visually striking and culturally significant. 

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